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SPW shaft assemblies

We also sell stern tube systems for the sport boat sector in various different designs. Here, water-lubricated and specially grease-lubricated systems are available.

SPW shaft assembly with water lubrication

Wellenanlage mit Wasserschmierung
  • With this shaft assembly, the stern tube is basically a simple tubular feedthrough passing through the hull of the boat; the sealing is achieved by means of a stuffing box.
  • This system provides a good, cost-effective alternative to the grease-lubricated system. It is available as an interrupted or continuous system.

When selecting the ideal system for you, we would be happy to advise and guide you!

Note finally that whatever type of shaft assembly you fit it is worthwhile to additionally install a flexible coupling. This will ensure nice even-sounding, smooth running!

SPW shaft assembly with grease lubrication

Wellenanlage mit Fettschmierung
  • Compared with all other systems a shaft assembly with grease-lubricated stern tube is an optimum, very safe and durable sealing system!
  • In the case of this shaft assembly, the entire stern tube is packed with saltwater-proof stern tube grease. In addition, a stuffing box (with tallow-impregnated sealing tape and shaft seal) is also integrated in the stern tube. The grease, which fills the entire length of the stern tube, ensures adherence to a very high safety standard, as it is extremely difficult for the salt water to penetrate!
  • The grease filling also serves to lubricate the shaft and the bearing, thus guaranteeing the long-term durability of the whole system.

Bronze with red brass bearing
Steel with red brass bearing
Aluminium with Novotex bearing
Shaft block made of Niro steel Design by choice