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Spurs rope cutter

Spurs Tampenschneider

This original propeller guard has been in production for many years. The product of extensive development and research, it is the ideal rope cutter and thus a great aid to saving lives and crafts. Propeller rotation draws obstacles floating around loose in the water, like ropes, nets, plastic and seaweed, directly into the blades of the rope cutter and these are then cut instantly.

This is done before the obstacles damage the drive and/or engine, making the craft unmanoeuvrable. Stress of the propeller is minimal and the whole process is so effective that you scarcely notice it.

The patented blade is made of specially hardened stainless steel. The blade mechanism functions like a guillotin.

SPURS are easy to fit: the two halves of the propeller guard are fixed around a shaft without having to remove the propeller. The wedge-shaped mounting block is fixed to the shaft bearing and, with that, the cutter is installed. SPURS cut in ahead and reverse motion and work only when the shaft is rotating. On your next slip date, install a SPURS - for your safety and the protection of the engine!

Maintenance costs are low; all that's required is servicing when the craft is taken out of the water for the annual "check-up".

The SPURS rope cutter is available for every shaft diameter from 20mm to 175mm.