Made in Germany

VARIPROP features

When the engine is turned off, the waterflow rotates the blades automatically into the feathered position.

Benefits: Drag is almost eliminated and speed increases 15% to 20%, depending on wind conditions. Propeller turbulence vanishes and a substantially enhanced rudder effect is achieved.

When shifting into reverse, less than one shaft rotation turns the leading edge of the blades 180 degrees.

Benefits: Efficiency (thrust) in reverse is equal to forward, 30% - 40% more than all fixed propellers. You get improved stopping power; however, this also increases “Prop Walk” (paddle wheel effect). In case of varying step-down gears (i.e. Yanmar Shafts) the pitches in foward and reverse are optimal set by factory.

Independently adjustable external pitch control

Forward and reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds — even underwater

Benefits: Custom fine tuning (in micrometer-small increments) of reverse thrust vs. prop-walk. (For most owners, eliminating prop walk is more important than maximizing reverse thrust.)

VARIPROP allows you to customize that balance for optimum control, maneuverability and safety. Independent fine tuning of forward thrust means that VARIPROP delivers the best possible performance (speed, thrust, fuel economy) in forward without compromising reverse performance – and vice versa.

SoftStop™ shock absorber

Shock Absorbing Multidisc Brake (patented) built into the VARIPROP hub.

Benefits: Dramatically reduces shock loads on gearbox and drivetrain, permits shifting at higher speeds without damage, preserves preset pitches by eliminating hard limit stop impacts (the typical “clunks” of all others). The entire drive train benefits: longer cutless bearing life, minimized wear on gearbox, clutch plate, bearings.

Shortest hub

VARIPROP’s hub is flush with the forward edges of the blades, and barely protrudes past the aft edges.

Benefits: VARIPROP will fit into the smaller prop apertures of older traditional “full keel“ yachts – not possible with most competing propellers. Line cutters – SPURS or solid types – can be mounted very close to the VARIPROP blades, the ideal position. This is a huge advantage for boats operating in areas with fields of lobster pots, crab pots and fish traps. With competing props, because of their much longer hubs, all such cutters must be mounted farther away from the prop blades, which drastically reduces their effectiveness.

Precision engineering

Superb German precision engineering in a custom made prop vs. mass-produced competitors.

Benefits: Every VARIPROP is built to order-consistently 100% up to stringent specs for reliable, smooth and efficient operation. Quality is assured by compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 international manufacturing standards and approved according to the standards of the “Germanischer Lloyd”.

Balanced by machine

Each propeller is dynamically balanced by machine — the result: hightest quality.

Benefits: Smoother, quieter running with absolutely zero vibration

MRI tested

As a final step all propellers are tested by an Hale MRI (Measurement Recording Instrument), one of the most modern 3D Measurement Instruments.

Benefits: Thanks to the 3D propeller analysis you can be sure that each VARIPROP is maximum quality and precision proofed before shipment. Each customer gets an individual test certificate when the VARIPROP will

Comes fully assembled and tested

Benefits: VARIPROP mounts on your shaft just like a solid prop. No disassembly, no shaft modifications.