Made in Germany

Probably the finest feathering propeller in the world

  • Robust, long lasting gearing
  • SOFTSTOP™ shock absorber
  • Shortest Hub — perfekt for smaller prop apertures
  • Available as 2-, 3- or 4-Blade Version
  • For engines from 12 to 750 HP
  • All VARIPROP are made out of high-strength NIBRAL-bronze (ice-class) for extra long life
  • MRI testet for highest quality

Short overview:

The idea was to develop a superior feathering propeller that was user-friendly. That was more than 30 years ago and we are pleased to say we have achieved all our design ambitions and more. Through continuous innovation and rigorous testing SPW has designed and developed the VARIPROP to be the most modern feathering propeller found anywhere in the world.

Which VARIPROP is the right for your engine:

The VARIPROP 2-Blade

for small yachts with engines from 6 to 40 hp

The VARIPROP 3-Blade

for all sailing vessels with engines from 6 to 100 hp

The Variprop "Blue Water" 4-Blade

For open sea vessels with engines above 100 hp

Der Variprop XLS 4-Blade

For tall ships and Superyachts any engine power

Click here for a detailed comparison of the different VARIPROP versions.

Have a look at the Distant Shores Review of the VARIPROP "Blue Water (4-Blatt) » Youtube link

A look at our Variprop feathering propellor. It reduces drag under sail but still produces full power when motoring. Since it is a 4 bladed prop it produces the most thrust in the aperture we have between the skeg and the hull of our Southerly 42.

Ships using the Variprop: