Made in Germany

The Variprofile models


Is the best sailing propeller for smaller sailing yachts with a maximun engine performance of 75 HP. The 2-blade VARIPROFILE is a brilliant alternative to a folding propeller because of the minimum of drag while sailing and good thrust under motor. Thanks to the blades working always with the perfect pitch in astern the manoeuvrability in harbours is extraordinary good.

The 2-blade VARIPROFILE is the best choice for price conscious racing and cruising sailors setting value on best sailing performance.


Actually the standard propeller for sailing yachts with a maximum HP of 140. The sailing performance is thanks to the reduced drag excellent and because of the profiled blades the propeller provides maximum thrust, quiet running and stable performance even while rough see. Compared to a fixed propeller the VARIPROFILE offers more than 30% less consumption. The 3-bladeVARIPROFILE works as well as the 2-blade VARIPROFILE with a perfect pitch in astern to offer precise and comfortable manoeuvrability.

The 3-blade VARIPROFILE is the best choice for cruising yachts.