Made in Germany

The VARIPROFILE — Designed to meet highest quality standards

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Profiled blade design to optimize efficiency
  • 2- and 3-blade version for shaft and saildrive available
  • For modern serial yachts up to 140 PS
  • Good alternative to folding propellers

The new VARIPROFILE is the perfect feathering propeller for boats and yachts with engines up to 75 hp. Thanks to innovative mass production methods and construction we are able to offer the VARIPROFILE as an unbeatable value, while still conforming to our highest quality standards.

The GAWN blade profile results in optimized thrust and quiet running, plus outstanding hydro-dynamics. It is made out of NIBRAL-BRONZE (Ice-Class) employing latest CNC technology.


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  • Owners of serial yachts can use our Propellerfinder to determine which propeller of the Varifamily is the best for their needs


Mounting a VARIPROFILE under your boat does not require an engineer. Pitches are pre-set at the factory to the theoretical optimum and easily understood installation instructions are provided.

Boats using the VARIPROFILE