Made in Germany

Perfect Propulsion

  • Modern folding propeller for serial yachts
  • Cambered bladedesign
  • Excellent thrust
  • 2-, 3- oder 4-Blatt version available
  • For engines from 20 to 750 HP

The remarkable VARIFOLD propeller range has grown from a single two blade model to include three and four blade versions in a very short space of time. VARIFOLD is the propeller of choice for many highly respected yacht manufacturers and their customers.

This site will tell you more about the unique design features which find VARIFOLDs being fitted to Swans, Baltic Yachts, Wally's and Moody's to name but a few.



Impressive technology

VARIFOLD is the definition of outstanding quality of material and technology. Nickel aluminium bronze material guarantees durability and high corrosion resistance.  Alongside its opening and running features, VARIFOLD is impressive on the supposed weak points of a propeller. Take, for example, the hard-wearing rubber buffers in the saildrive hub, fixed in the special cut-outs – ensuring the propeller starts up gently yet the buffers cannot become detached. The saildrive hub is isolated to protect against electrolysis.

Simple assembly and a very high level of safety

VARIFOLD's unique opening technique will impress you. This folding propeller not only opens by means of centrifugal force, but also by means of the shaft torque, resulting in particularly smooth and reliable opening. VARIFOLD has a cambered design. This specially cambered blade profile delivers very high thrusts as well as quiet and smooth propeller running.

VARIFOLD is easy to mount and is supplied complete with the tools required. Solid bolts ensure the propeller blades are fixed securely. VARIFOLD VF 70 is an extremely safe propeller thanks to this special bolt locking. So you can be sure of not losing anything again.

Boats using the VARIFOLD