Made in Germany

Boat shafts

The standard material for SPW boat shafts is Niro steel, grade 1.4571. This material provides good corrosion resistance together with high strength!

 On request and for aluminium crafts, we use grade 1.4462 material. This duplex material has even higher corrosion resistance, tensile strength and surface hardness. We provide high-strength shaft material especially for high outputs on request. The high-quality duplex material greatly reduces shaft torsion and thanks to the stronger properties of the material, a smaller shaft diameter can frequently be used.

Other materials are also available, if required. In case of deviations from standard dimensions (e.g. special taper, thread or lengths etc.), we can be of assistance and would be delighted to advise you.

  • Every propeller shaft is perfectly aligned when it leaves our workshop!
  • We make our shafts for you in accordance with the international ISO standard 4566!