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C&C 30 – 25 hp ATOMIC 4 (Purchased 2 Blade VariFold)

Your propeller works spectacularly! Compared to the GORI 11.5” x 8” that I used to have on my C&C 30 the difference is remarkable. Going with the VARIFOLD 12”x7” for my ATOMIC 4 was certainly the optimal choice. No vibration, great torque, super top end speed and good reverse – what could anyone want more ….

MG   Previous prop: GORI  11.5”x 8”

C&C 30 – 27 hp YANMAR 3GM 30 (Purchased 2 Blade VariFold)

Your VARIFOLD has made going in and out of the slip a dream. The reverse propulsion was a dramatic improvement from my previous propeller and forward is smooth and quiet. My average cruising speed of 6 kn is now reached at 400 rpm less than before…..

DR   Previous prop: MICHIGAN Folding

C&C 33 MK I – 25hp ATOMIC 4, 2:1 (Purchased 2 Blade VariFold)

The prop (VARIFOLD  15”x9”) worked well for me this year. It worked very quietly with very little noise, and at any speed…I have had the boat at 6.2 kn at ¾ throttle and had no trouble relying on the prop in reverse or forward. I had to back out of the slip every time I used the boat and reverse was always there when I needed it no matter what the wind direction. I have had folding props on other boats where the reverse would not work unless you opened the prop in forward before you placed it in reverse. This was never the case with this prop. I have had no trouble with the unit to date and would recommend the prop to anyone.

CD   Previous prop: 2-blade fixed 16”x10”

C&C 29 – 25 hp ATOMIC 4 (Purchased 2 Blade VariFold)

I could not be happier with the Propeller. The lack of vibration compared to the MARTEC is remarkable. I sometimes have to check to make sure the engine is on.
I would not hesitate to recommend the VARIFOLD to other sailors interested in upgrading to a much more satisfactory and elegant product.

TG   Previous prop: MARTEC  12”x 5”

BRUCKMANN 50 – 140 hp YANMAR 4LH-THE (Purchased 4-blade VariFold)

The VariFold has been working like a champ - practically vibration free, tremendous thrust when I really need it, excellent reverse performance (saved me yesterday in a docking incident from wiping out a 70 ft cruiser), at least a half knot better than the old prop, and fuel consumption that stays in the 2.5 - 2.74 gph range. I seem to be getting a consistent 8.5 kts at 2,500 rpm - much lower rpm at that speed than previously.  I'm delighted.  Most of all, it was dependable as hell when I really needed it offshore in horrible conditions. I guess I'm not going to sell the boat after-all.

Dr. RM Previous props: fixed, feathering

BRUCKMANN 50 – 150 hp JOHN DEERE 445M4 (Purchased 4-blade VariFold)

After a full season the 4-blade Varifold remains my favorite prop. It is as fast, quiet and smooth as any prop I have ever owned. To my surprise I quite like the performance in reverse. The prop has very little prop walk and I am able to stop very well from full speed ahead. It engages quietly and feathers easily.  I recently motored directly into the wind in near gale conditions for 6 hours. The combination of torque in our John Deere and the efficient delivery of the Varifold kept us climbing over the waves with a solid surefootedness that I have never experienced under power in a sailboat before. It is a very nice prop and is everything that was promised! I am sold.

DB “Mr Propeller” Previous Props (30): fixed, folding & feathering

BENETEAU 405 – 50 hp PERKINS 4.108 (Purchased 2-blade VariFold)

I love my new VARIFOLD and your customer service is fantastic. You made me confident in my purchase. I’ve also gone from last place in every race for two years to now taking 2nd place in both the spring and summer racing series at my club this year. I attribute a lot of this to my new folding prop. Thank you!

Dr SG   Previous Prop: 2-blade fixed

BAVARIA 32 – 19 hp VOLVO MD2020/SD (Purchased 2 Blade VariFold)

I am very pleased with the performance of the VARIFOLD on my Bavaria 32. It is very smooth and quiet over the full speed range. The boat sails at least 0.5 – 0.75 kn faster in light to moderate winds. Reverse thrust seems to be about the same, so stopping is not a problem. I normally cruise @ 2200 rpm (6 kn). At 2,800 rpm I measured 6.7 kn, reaching hull speed @ 3,200 rpm. I think the 15”x10” VARIFOLD is a very good match for me.

MM Previous prop: 2-blade fixed 15”x11”

BALTIC 147 – 700hp CAT3406-E (Purchased 4-blade VariFold)

Excerpts from report by J&A Enterprises, Inc., Noise and Vibration Engineering, dated December 2003, Newport, RI comparing previous 3-blade Max-Prop installation (May 2003) with subsequent 4-blade VariFold installation (November 2003):  …have decisively proved that VariFold propeller generates considerably less vibration and noise … to the levels significantly below the levels of non-propeller related sources aboard the yacht. This has proved our assertion made after the 2003 sea trials [with MaxProp installed] that the noise and vibration aboard the yacht are highly dependent among other things on the propeller type.

J&A Report – Previous Prop: 3-blade MaxProp

Makoré II

We used a traditional fixed three blades propeller calculated for the boat. She was finally noisy and made cavitations.

SPW offered a calculation, considerated our troubles and looked to our program.
We installed a VARIFOLD 4 blades with smaller radius, folding, with a
new blade design and built in high strength NIBRAL Alloy material. Which is much stronger and especially for ice regions certificated.

No more noises, vibrations, soft running, Makoré passed from 6,5 knt to 7,3 at cruising speed, and was much more powerful at acceleration. We sailed Gota canal, all swedish coat, Norway and Svalbard. That means hours and hours of motoring.

Thousand thanks to SPW!

Fabrice and Isabelle onboard Makoré II

VF 4Blatt - Test "Oyster 56", eingesendet von Adrian Miles (Bruntons)

Hier ein Vergleich des VARIFOLD an einer Oyster 56.

Er zeigt das verbesserte Fahrverhalten, die verbesserte Geschwindigkeit und die geringeren Vibrationen im Vergleich zu anderen Propellern im Test auf.

Thanks to Adrian Miles from Bruntons.

VF 2Blatt - Fahrtest "SY Hanse 292 Lucca"

Eingesendet von Ronald Schöps

Sehr geehrte Frau Adamczyk,
nachdem der Propeller schon am Montag bei mir in der Post war, habe ich ihn heute angebaut.

Überrascht hat mich, dass der Prop aus England kam. Ich dachte Ihre Firma stellt den Propeller selbst her. Insgesamt bin ich mit dem Propeller sehr zufrieden. Ich hatte nicht erwartet, dass sich das Fahrverhalten so verbessert. Ich habe dazu eine kleine Versuchsreihe gefahren, deren Auswertung ich Ihnen im Anhang mitschicke.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ronald Schöps

Anm: Der VARIFOLD ist ein Joint Venture Produkt. Die Konstruktion und Entwicklung ist aus dem Hause SPW  GmbH, gefertigt wird in England bei Bruntons Propellers Ltd. Die weltweite Vermarktung des VARIFOLD wird durch beide Unternehmen getätigt. Aber dies spielt ja im Wandel der Globalisierung heutzutage kaum noch eine  Rolle, dass das Produkt nicht in Deutschland gebaut wird.


Erfahrungsbericht zum 3-Blatt VARIFOLD

Eingesendet von F. & B. Vaupel

Sehr geehrte Frau Adamczyk,

unser Schiff liegt nun in Wesel und wir haben die ersten Meilen mit dem neuen Propeller hinter uns. Der Motor macht bei Normalfahrt ca. 300 Umdrehungen weniger, wobei sich die Geschwindigkeit um ca. 1 Knoten erhöht hat. Damit sind wir sehr zufrieden. Auch hat sich das Wegdrehen des Hecks beim Aufstoppen verringert, sodass wir nun auch mit der Steuerbordseite ohne Probleme anlegen können. Was der Propeller beim Segeln bringt, können wir erst später im Mittelmeer testen.

Wir bedanken uns für den freundlichen Service und verbleiben

mit freundlichen Grüßen

F. & B. Vaupel